Parent Email- Progress Reports- October 28

Parent Email- Progress Reports- October 28

Dear South Eugene Students and Families,

I wanted to share our heartfelt thanks for parents in our South community who provided staff with amazing To-Go BBQ meals last Friday as a gesture of appreciation. It was so thoughtful and welcome, and our staff was thrilled!

We are halfway through Trimester 1, and student Progress Reports will be available this week in StudentVUE/ParentVUE as one of the official reports provided to families each year.  The grade indicated there is intended to provide information about whether a student is currently on track to pass the course, however, only the student’s trimester final grade at the end of the term will appear on a student’s transcript.  The last day of Trimester 1 is December 10.

It’s not uncommon for grades to appear low in the first part of the term since only half of the term’s total assignments are represented and any missing work has a large impact.  However, a low grade can indeed be a signal that more attention is needed and that students should be connecting more with teachers during Office Hours and taking steps to improve their grade.

Because StudentVUE/ParentVUE are only being used this year for official grade reports, to keep up to date with student progress during the term students and parents should plan to review student grades in Canvas regularly.  Parents can do this by becoming an Observer in Canvas, and instructions are available here.


What steps can students take now if they have a low grade?

  • Make sure you’re attending synchronous classes and communicating with the teacher if you are absent
  • Check your grade regularly and take prompt action to turn in assignments, retake an assessment, study, or practice.
  • Go to the teacher’s Zoom office hours (posted in Canvas) to get assistance or retake or redo an item promptly.
  • Chart out specific time to work on a given subject area on specific days of the week. Treat it like an appointment or a part-time job and write it into your calendar. It can be challenging to work independently, but the time you are able to spend now is an investment in yourself and your future.
  • Request assistance. Tutoring resources are available in the community and counselors may know of other resources for students to assist with organization, skill building, time management, and other needs.

This year in 4J high schools, almost all courses are graded A-F, but all courses also have Pass/No Pass as an option. If students determine they want to take a course for Pass/No Pass instead of for a letter grade, they should make sure to discuss with a counselor and parent since it can affect post-high school planning.  Students should communicate their decision to teachers via email, and the determination should be made close to the midterm of the quarter rather than in the last weeks of the term.  SEHS administrators can approve requests teachers and counselors make us aware of from families beyond the previously published Oct. 23 deadline this trimester, but decisions should be made within the next week.

We know that teachers and families are working hard to help students adjust to distance learning, and staff members recognize that 2020-2021 is a challenging time. ODE and Eugene School District 4J have provided some added flexibility this trimester in how we approach school and grading, and we also want to be responsive at South to students’ needs.  We encourage families and students to let us know where you may be needing support.  We are committed to understanding more about how we can help students get the most out of the term, stay healthy, and make progress toward graduation together.


Warm regards,

Carey Killen

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