Seniors: Cap & Gown Info

Seniors: Cap & Gown Info

Caps and Gowns:
SEHS Seniors will be able to pick up their cap and gown on May 30 and May 31.

This year, seniors will be able to decorate their caps if they so choose.  All cap decorations must be school-appropriate and only 2-dimensional (no building up or out).  No decorations of any kind should stick up on top or hang below the mortarboard. Mortarboards should be worn parallel to the ground.  We will have extra caps available should your student come with a cap that is three dimensional or inappropriate.

Graduation gowns must be worn correctly, with fronts fully zipped over school-appropriate clothing. Administrators may check under gowns if they suspect inappropriate dress or items that do not belong on the graduation stage, such as noisemakers, beach balls, or other props.

Honor cords, stoles, medals, and pins are provided through the school or district and must be approved by the school administration. Culturally-significant regalia is permitted. Culturally-significant regalia includes ceremonial accessories or attire that are significant to the graduate’s culture as a whole and appropriate to that culture’s traditional rites of passage. This does not include items that are of personal significance to the graduate. School-appropriate jewelry and items of personal significance may be worn in a way that does not detract from the uniform appearance of the cap and gown.  Students are encouraged to address any questions regarding cap, gown, or graduation with SEHS administrators well prior to graduation should questions arise.

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