Announcements for September 30th

Fall Fest: Fall Fest is Today!  We’ll have a long lunch so that students can pick up lunch from the cafeteria and head to the Science courtyard to learn about South Eugene clubs and Affinity Groups.  Club staff advisors have an email from assistant principal Ricci Huling with details. 

Intramural Soccer: GOAAAALLLLL. Student government is holding a rockin’ soccer tournament. The Intramural Soccer tournament starts next Wednesday at lunch on the turf field. Alright Ballers, sign your team of six up at

Feminist Union: Want to discuss social justice topics surrounding race, sexuality, gender, and sexism? Join South Eugene’s Feminist Union in Señora Keech’s room on Monday, 10/3,  room 25 in the main hall.  Even though this is Feminist Union, everyone is welcome and encouraged to join!

Hispanic Heritage Month: From September 15 to October 15, the nation comes together to recognize the contributions and achievements of Hispanic Americans throughout history. If you want to celebrate Latino Heritage with a meaningful fact or recognize an Hispanic American’s accomplishments, contact the Regional Equity Manager, Jason Floyd; in room 711, and let us honor the Latino heritage together.

No Place for Hate Committee: To all students that attended the No Place For Hate training last year. We are resuming the work with our first Kick-Off! Period 4, We will be meeting in Senora Keech’s Room 25. We look forward to a relaxed and warm reunion. 

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