Announcements for May 3rd

College and Career Center:  Seniors, wanna be famous? Use the link in the April 29 email to have your post-high-school plans posted on the map by the counseling center and on our online map. Need that link again? Ask Lori Sauter in the career center to share it with you.

Seniors, ready for five new scholarships that are only for South students? We’ve got one for students interested in international community, one for prospective teachers, one for science and technology buffs, and a couple for 4-year- and 2-year-college bound students. Check your email from April 29 or visit the college and career center for details.

Theater:  SET’s final Senior directed showcase opens this Thursday night at 7:00 in the SET Little Theater with Ada and The Engine. Directed by Clara Christiansen, it tells the true story of teenage mathematician Ada Lovelace Byron who invented the Analytic Engine, the basis for the modern day computer, in 19th Century England! Don’t miss this amazing story!

Equity Youth Educators:  Eyes will be meeting today during lunch in room #202, instead of Thursday this week.

ASB Elections:  Applications are due May 4th at 11.59pm.

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