Discrimination and Harassment: To be their best and meet new challenges, students need to experience school as a safe and welcoming environment.  Bullying, harassment and discrimination have no place in our school or in our district and will not be tolerated. Students who violate this rule are liable for discipline, suspension or expulsion in accordance with district policy. We encourage parents to discuss these types of behaviors with their students and to support the school’s efforts to eliminate them.

Consequence may include: Parent Conference, restorative practice, suspension and/or expulsion.   Additional information may be found at 4J District Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

If you observe or experience an incident of bullying, harassment (including intimida­tion, cyberbullying, hazing and teen dating violence) or of discrimination, you should:

Report it.  Contact a staff member, the school principal or other trusted adult, or complete a student Student Safety Reporting form  and return to the main office or trusted adult. Paper copies are available in the main and counseling offices.  *If you believe the principal is involved in the the incident, you don’t have to report to them.  You may instead contact the district superintendent’s office.

Work with the assigned adults to resolve the issue. The goal of resolving the issue is to 1) protect and comfort the person who feels they’ve been a target of bullying, harassment or discrimi­nation, 2) assign a consequence if necessary and 3) teach the parties skills that help make school safe and welcoming.

If you are unable to resolve the issue by working with the school principal or school staff you may file a formal complaint with the district.

The Complaint of Discrimination or Harassment form is available in South’s main office, and also at the 4J Education Center, 200 North Monroe Street, Eugene, 97402. For more information, contact South administrators 541-790-8000 or the superintendent’s office at 541 790-7707.