SEHS Site Council Mission and Organization
The Site Council’s mission is to foster school improvement and staff development. The Site Council exists to support the school mission by providing the leadership to maintain a balanced vision for the future. The council will accomplish its mission by facilitating school-wide communication, evaluation and goal setting. Site Council stakeholder groups are the administration, certified and classified staff, students, and parents. Meetings are open to all.Three standing committees report directly to Site Council.  The Site Council makes decisions on recommendations from these committees:

Literacy Team
Data Team

Oregon Department of Education Directives to Site Council
* Improve school instructional programs.
* Develop plans to improve the professional growth of school staff.
* Implement the law.
* Administer grants for staff development.

SEHS Site Council Members – 2017-18 school year

  • Carmen Lessley Student
  • Hannah Stein-Student
  • Love Cross-Parent Rep (Site Council Secretary)
  • Andy Dey – Principal <>
  • Chad Kessler- Social Studies
  • Niels Pasternak-Lifeskills Teacher
  • Maura Parkinson-Parent Rep (Site Council )
  • Joy Marshall – Parent Rep <>
  • Trista Neuman- Office Manager
  • Laura Montgomery – Parent Rep
  • Steve Smith-IHS Rep.