Senior Experience- Class of 2019 Expectations

If you have not already presented your Senior Experience Poster you have been assigned a particular date to accomplish this. You should have received a notice and instructions early in the week of March 11th, with your assigned date.   Because of the extreme weather days we had to move our Senior Experience Showcase Dates out two weeks so the assigned date you most recently received is the correct one.  For clarification please see here for your assigned date.

This is a graduation requirement so please plan accordingly. Unfortunately, we cannot approve your graduation seating until this requirement is complete.  Talk to your counselor if you have any questions or concerns.

PDF of Assigned Dates Here: ID Assigned 2 Sheet1

Thank you for visiting this webpage where you can find everything needed to complete the Senior Experience.  Senior Experience is a way to meet the personalized learning graduation requirement for SEHS Classic students (not IHS) who are not meeting the requirement through a CAM or CTE Project. This is an adapted version of the former Senior Project.

If you’re wanting to know more about the Senior Experience, please watch my video or stop by and talk to one of the counselors.  The video below is directed to the Class of 2019 audience.  Stay tuned for the Class of 2020 edition.

The Senior-Experience-Expectations-101 (1)-1 (1) handout will give you a brief description of the steps needed to complete a Senior Experience.  You can find the full instructions on your Naviance Family Connection account under My Planner-Tasks-Tasks Assigned to Me and with the attachments below.  Eventually you will complete all of your Senior Experience Tasks and Surveys on Naviance.  Let your counselor know if you do not see Tasks under My Planner.

Each of the CRLE Reflection attachments below can be used while you’re having your experience but it is important for you to submit your experience on Naviance.

#1 CRLE #1 Reflections for Senior Experience-1   #2 CRLE #2 Reflections for Senior Experience   #3 CRLE #3 Reflections for Senior Experience

Handout: Senior Experience Visual Showcase 2019


More examples of posters can be found here: Poster Board Examples

Senior Experience- Class of 2020 Expectations

Please read through the brief description of the Senior Experience Expectations for the Class of 2020  here or with the attachment below.

Complete Handout Here: Class of 2020 Senior-Experience-101

Career Related Learning Experiences (CRLEs)

Career Related Learning Experiences (CRLEs) are the building blocks of a Senior Experience so choose ones that are meaningful and relevant to your post high school plans.

Junior Year 1st Step: Go to Naviance and read the Senior Experience Information task-under My Planner and Tasks. Make sure to complete the Survey associated with the Task to let us know which option you are choosing. For either option, you will be expected to complete CRLE Reflection #1, #2, #3 and the Senior Presentation Showcase. If you do not see Tasks under My Planner tab in Naviance, let your counselor know. They will be removed if you turn in a CTE Project Agreement form.

2nd Step: Get started! The summer is a great time to have these experiences. You do not need to be preapproved or tell us the CRLEs you plan to have. Do something you are interested in and make it valuable to you. We want you to have experiences that relate to your plans outside of high school and that you enjoy. Login to Naviance and complete all of the Tasks assigned to you.

As we hear about CRLE opportunities we include them on this google doc: CRLE Opportunities Google Doc . This is just a small grouping of opportunities that you can explore.  We also have other sources of CRLE opportunities below via google docs or direct website links.

Here is a google sheet with mentors who have indicated willingness to mentor additional SEHS students for a job shadow. In the past these mentors hosted a student completed a Senior Project student.

This volunteer opportunity google doc is a great place to find out about volunteer opportunities in our community.  Check with the college and career center or your counselor if you have any questions.

Elevate Lane County is a comprehensive system for connecting students to careers in high-demand, high-wage positions in our community. Click Here

Lane Community College  Job Fair


Many college fair dates and details in our areas on listed on the NACAC National College Fairs website at

College Preview Days are a great way to find out more about a prospective.  For more information click the links below.

University of Oregon Preview Day Information

Lane Community College Preview Day Information

Portland State University Preview Days

Oregon State Open House Events