Senior Experience- Class of 2020

Showcase Information

The Showcase is the final step in completing your Senior Experience.  You will create a display board that highlights your experience(s).  You will share your experiences to three or four fellow seniors and you will hear about their experiences as well.  Please see here: Senior Experience Visual Showcase 2020 for complete details. You can also see examples of display boards below.  We have assigned you a presentation time based on a free period you have. They are all scheduled for Friday, February 7th.  If this day or your assigned time does not work for you please talk to your counselor as soon as you can.

Great job to those who presented their Senior Experience display board on February 7th!  I will be adding the pictures to this website soon.

But there are still close to 100 seniors who still need to present their Senior Experience display board so they will be expected to attend our next and final showcase on Friday, March 6th at 2:40 in the SEHS Cafeteria.

For help please check out the resources below or let your counselor know if you need any help completing this important graduation requirement.

Thank you for visiting this webpage where you can find everything needed to complete the Senior Experience.  The Senior Experience is a graduation requirement that seniors in the classic South program fulfill if they are not completing a CTE Project or IOP CAM. Each student completing a Senior Experience is required to complete a Junior Project, Junior Interview, Senior Interview, as well as Career Related Learning Experiences (CRLEs). CRLEs are activities that occur in the community, in a workplace, or within school, that connect classroom learning with the paths students might follow after graduating. We encourage you to pick an experience that connects your academic knowledge and specialized skills to your individual career plan.

If you’re wanting to know more about the Senior Experience, please watch my video or stop by and talk to one of the counselors.

The 2020 Senior Experience Expectations handout will give you a brief description of the steps needed to complete a Senior Experience.  You can also find the full instructions on your Naviance Family Connection account under My Planner-Tasks-Tasks Assigned to Me. 

After each CRL Experience you will complete a reflection.You can use this CRLE Reflection Form to keep track and remember what you did.  You will not turn these in and they will not be graded but they should be useful when creating a display board for the showcase event. If you have a longer experience you might want to break up your reflection and fill out more than one of these forms.

After you complete your final CRLE and reflection(s) you will create a poster display that highlights your experiences. Please refer to the Senior Experience Visual Showcase 2020 for complete instructions and key points to include on your board. You will present this display to a small group of peers during one of the Senior Experience Showcase events. We hope your experience(s) helped you connect your academic studies and your individual career plan.   This is your chance to show students how it relates to you.  The showcase even will be on Friday, February 7th, during a time when you’re available.  If this day does not work for you, please talk to your counselor about an alternative day and time.

Examples of display boards can be found Poster Display Examples


Resources to find Career Related Learning Experiences

Here is a google sheet with mentors who have indicated willingness to mentor additional SEHS students for a job shadow. In the past these mentors hosted a student completed a Senior Project student.

This volunteer opportunity google doc is a great place to find out about volunteer opportunities in our community.  Check with the college and career center or your counselor if you have any questions.

Elevate Lane County is a comprehensive system for connecting students to careers in high-demand, high-wage positions in our community. Click Here

Lane Community College  Job Fair


Many college fair dates and details in our areas on listed on the NACAC National College Fairs website at

College Preview Days are a great way to find out more about a prospective.  For more information click the links below.

University of Oregon Preview Day Information

Lane Community College Preview Day Information

Portland State University Preview Days

Oregon State Open House Events