Logging into 4J Email & 4J Google Classroom

Please access Google Classroom, Drive and Documents using your 4J accounts.
Do not use your personal Google Account to access school materials.

This page explains several ways to get to these accounts.
The first option under Email works best FOR EVERYTHING and is recommended!

NOTE – If you are logged into Chrome with a personal Google account, you will not be able to log into your 4J Google account with the Chrome browser.  You will need to use a different browser (Firefox, Safari etc.) OR log out of your personal account, close the browser completely, reopen and log in using instructions below.

DIRECT LINKS:    4J Email    4J Google Classroom  (Bookmark these links, if possible,)

To access 4J Email:
1. Go to South Homepage and under STUDENTS > 4J Student Email (Note links for 4J Google Suite (includes Classroom)
2. Do an internet search for “4j stumail”.  It should be the first link: https://stumail.4j.lane.edu/
Log into email with ONLY your user name and password, NOT your full email address
(Note-Searching “4J email” takes you to Staff email page and does not give you access)

To access 4J Google Classroom:
1. See number 1 above – Best Method!  Have option to log into Google Drive OR Google Classroom
2. Internet search “Google Classroom” or type in the URL “classroom.google.com”
Log in using FULL 4J EMAIL ADDRESS.     Example: username@4j.lane.edu + password
This takes you to a page where you log in AGAIN (use only your username) and that takes you to Google Classroom.

If you have any issues logging into 4J email or 4J Google Classroom,
email Julie Vignoul vignoul@4j.lane.edu or Karen Alavi alavi_k@4j.lane.edu