Schools in Lane County have spanned back to the time when Pioneers were still settling Oregon in the 1850’s. Throughout Oregon, South Eugene High School is known for its academic reputation for excellence. The building on 19th Street and Patterson was built in 1953 as Eugene High School.
Four years later, after North Eugene High School was built, the name was changed to
South Eugene High School.

Improvements are continuously being made to our facility. A new science wing was added in 1994. The cafeteria was remodeled in 2004. Wireless internet access was added schoolwide, in the summer of 2013.

Notable alumni:

  • Neil Goldschmidt, Mayor of Portland, Governor of Oregon, and Sec. of Transportation in Former President Jimmy Carter’s Adminstration graduated from South in 1958.
  • John Kitzhaber, Oregon Governor (1995-2003) graduated from South in 1965.
  • Richard Smith, now a nationwide-known Jazz musician, graduated from South in 1977.
  • Tim Hardin, (1941-1980) the anti-war folk singer who performed at the Woodstock ’69 festival, graduated in 1960.
  • Corin Tucker, lead singer of the riot grrl hard rock band Sleater-Kinney graduated from SEHS in 1990.
  • Sean Flannery and Dustin Lanker, saxophonist and keyboardist for the ska band The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies graduated in 1992 and 1993.
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