Free LTD Bus Pass

Update: February 20, 2020

All K-12 students in Lane County have until April 30, 2020, to get their free LTD Student Transit Pass from their school, using either the TouchPass mobile app or a tap card. This pass allows students to ride LTD buses through September 31, 2020 for free. As of April 1, students will no longer be able to give the bus operator a verbal statement that they are a student to ride the bus for free. Students will receive a new pass when registering for school in the fall.

Passes will be issued to students through their school and are valid from September 1 of current school year to September 30 of the following year, giving year-long access to transit.

Private schools wishing to participate in the Student Transit Pass program, may call 541-682-6118.

The goal of the Student Transit Pass is to help families by reducing transportation costs and the demands on parents to transport their children to school and activities. An additional goal is to create life-long transit users, which reduces the impact of single occupant vehicles on the environment.

For more information please visit webpage.

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