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National scholarship search platforms and other financial-aid opportunities.


Last updated 11/25/2020

Due Date Scholarship Name Grade Description How to Apply
11/30/20  Unified Caring Association Scholarship  11-12 Ten awards of $550 and 10 awards of $250 for minimum 500-word essay addressing the caring actions you would take to make change for the better from one of the following categories: children, animals, reforestation or elderly. Requires release form.
12/1/20 Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) Scholarship 9-12 U.S. State Department sponsored study abroad scholarship for motivated high school students to spend a year in Germany. Recipients placed with a German host family and study at a German high school. Scholarship covers pre-departure training in the United States and orientation programs in Germany; meetings with government officials; cultural excursions to the German Bundestag and select German cities;  and supplementary language lessons. Requires minimum 3.0 GPA.
12/1/20  National Honor Society  12 600 scholarships from $3,200 to $25,000 awarded to National Honor Society members who support the four pillars of NHS: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Financial need is also a consideration, though not exclusionary. Applicants submit three letters of recommendation: NHS Advisor, Principal, and one faculty member.
12/1/20 Oregon Opportunity Grant 12 The Oregon Opportunity Grant (OOG) is Oregon’s largest state-funded, need-based grant program for students attending college at an Oregon school. Approximately 40,000 students receive Opportunity Grants each year. Awards range from $2,800 for students attending community college, to $3,600 for students attending four-year college. Apply by filing FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1. There is no firm application deadline because grants are awarded until funds are exhausted on a first-come, first-served basis.
12/1/20  Generation Google  12+ $10,000 awards for students interested in computer science who are from historically underrepresented groups, including Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, American Indian, or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander. Selection based on financial need and a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, demonstrated leadership, and academic performance. Requires resume, financial information, transcript, and 3 short-answer essays.
12/6/20 Hispanic Heritage Foundation Youth Awards 12 One-time grants up to a $1,000 to be used for college education or to fund a community service effort. Awarded to Latinx seniors who excel in the classroom and community and for their excellence in various categories: Business & Finance, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Education, Healthcare & Science, Media & Entertainment, Social Justice, and Technology. Gold, Silver, and Bronze recipients are selected in each category. Must be of Hispanic heritage (includes Spain, Brazil, and Philippines) and a U.S. permanent resident, U.S. citizen, or qualify under DACA. Requires 3.0 GPA and enrollment at an accredited higher education institution in 2021-2022. If selected, attendance to virtual regional awards ceremony is mandatory. Requires transcript, letter of recommendation, and 5 short-answer essay questions.
12/14/20   LEDA Scholarship Program   11 College and career mentorship program helps 100 high-achieving juniors, from low-income backgrounds, with leadership potential gain admission to highly selective colleges. The program includes: 7-week summer experience on the Princeton University campus with leadership training, writing courses, college guidance and trips, and ACT/SAT prep; senior year admission counseling and funding for application fees and testing; ongoing career support via LEDA career network, including jobs and internships. Requires minimum 3.5 GPA, rigorous academic schedule, community/school involvement, and total family income of less than $90,000/yr. Open to US citizens, permanent residents, and DACA.
12/15/20 Equitable Excellence Scholarship 12 A total of 369 awards will be granted. Scholarship awards are in the amounts of $25,000, $10,000 and $2,500. Open to seniors planning to attend 2 or 4 year accredited U.S. school and who have outstanding achievements in school, community or work activities.  Must be U.S. citizen or legal resident of U.S., D.C. or Puerto Rico.  Online registration and application.  Requires essay questions.  Only the first 10,000 applicants considered so apply early.
12/23/20  Kaiser Permanente Health Care Career Scholarship  12 At least one award of $5,000 to $10,000 to a SEHS student pursuing a career in health care. Register by 12/23 and submit the scholarship application by 12/30. Selection based on academic achievement; extracurricular, community service, and/or work; commitment to a career in health care; character; diversity; and economic and/or social disadvantage. Requires minimum 2.5 GPA and one teacher or counselor recommendation. Proof of U.S. citizenship not required. See for more information about the scholarship.
12/31/20  Easton/National Field Archery Association (NFAA) Scholarship Program  12+ Scholarships ranging from $100-$2,500 to students participating in archery and planning to attend two or four year college/university or a technical training college. Scholarship recipients must maintain a 2.0 GPA and compete in archery during the entire academic year. Awards based on the archer’s accomplishments, future competition plans, and involvement in archery. Must be a current member of the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) or NAA/USA Archery.
12/31/20  PB&J Scholarship  12 Ten or more awards $500-$1,000 to high school seniors in the Western states who experienced challenges that may have prevented them from reflecting well on paper (GPA, test scores, etc.) but have the drive to succeed. Requires essay and letters of recommendation. No GPA requirement. Started by a student who ate PB&J sandwiches to save money to pay forward a scholarship to future students.
12/31/20  AFSCME Family Scholarship Program  12 Ten awards of $2,000 renewable for 4 years to seniors whose parent/guardian is a full dues-paying AFSCME member. Requires essay, official transcript, two letters of recommendation, and proof of AFSCME membership. NOTE: The requirement for SAT or ACT scores has been WAIVED for 2021 applications.
12/31/20  Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps   12 Full tuition with additional benefits up to $180,000 and guaranteed employment upon graduation with 4- to 5-year active duty obligation. No service obligation for first year of tuition, and no obligation to accept if awarded scholarship. Minimum 2.5 GPA and SAT (540 math; 550 critical reading; 1150 combined) or ACT (21 math; 22 English; 47 combined). SAT/ACT requirements might change due to COVID. Students are welcome to apply without a SAT/ACT score and are encouraged to apply if they meet other scholarship requirements. Apply for the Navy, Marine, and Nurse Corps ROTC scholarships with the same application. Must be U.S. citizen.
12/31/20  Immediate Scholarship Reservation (ISR) Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps    12 Limited number of NROTC scholarships selected by a regional commanding officer rather than a board of officers. Benefits are same as NROTC scholarship with full tuition and additional benefits up to $180,000, but selection criteria is higher. Requires student in top 20% of class and considers overcoming personal adversity. Guaranteed employment upon graduation with 4- to 5-year active duty obligation. No service obligation for first year of tuition, and no obligation to accept if awarded scholarship. Requires SAT scores (550 critical reading; 600 math; 1230 combined) or ACT scores (22 English, 26 math, 54 combined). SAT/ACT requirements might change due to COVID. Students are welcome to apply without a SAT/ACT score and are encouraged to apply if they meet other scholarship requirements. Apply for the Navy, Marine, and Nurse Corps ROTC scholarships with the same application. Contact Navy ROTC Coordinator, Chief Petty Officer Jessica Stager at (541)228-2223 or if interested. Must be U.S. citizen.
1/8/21  PRIDE Foundation  12+ Pride Foundation scholarships support LGBTQ and allied students in the Pacific NW. Apply to 60 scholarships with one application. The average award for a student in 2019 was $4,000. Awards support students who show leadership potential, lack a broader LGBTQ community support system, face additional barriers (economic, racial, social, geographic, political) and have significant financial need.
1/15/21  John F. Kennedy – Profiles in Courage Essay Contest  9-12 One $10,000 award, one $3,000 award, five $500 and eight $100 awards to students for essay submissions that demonstrate understanding of political courage as described in John F. Kennedy’s Profiles of Courage. Prompt: “Describe and analyze an act of political courage by a U.S. elected official who served during or after 1917, the year John F. Kennedy was born.” Responses are limited to 1,000 words.
5/1/21  Larry K. Sharpf (LKS) Educational Scholarship Foundation  12 Apply early! Local scholarship offering multiple awards of up to $20,000 a year to students planning to attend school in Oregon for whom their household income is $75,000 or less. Minimum 3.0 GPA. The renewable awards support students attending two-year, four-year, and vocational schools from Benton, Lane, Linn, and Marion counties. Applicants must be U.S. citizens. The award amounts are tied to cost of attendance. Application includes short answer questions, two letters of recommendation, transcripts, and FAFSA or other proof of family income. Applications must be postmarked by 5/1 (no exceptions). Priority is given to early applications.
6/1/21  Oregon Promise Grant  12+ Near FREE tuition to Oregon students attending an Oregon Community College. Oregon Promise grants support students with a minimum 2.5 GPA. Must be an Oregon resident. Undocumented students are welcome to apply. Requires FAFSA or ORSAA. Financial need is a factor some years depending on State funding.

SCHOLARSHIP LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: Please give at least two weeks’ notice when requesting any letters of recommendation.

SEHS MASTER SCHOLARSHIP LIST: Entire list of scholarships publicized by South Eugene High School each year. (The table above is taken from the master list and includes those scholarships with upcoming due dates.) Due dates and scholarship descriptions on the master are subject to change without notice.

PAYING FOR COLLEGE: 38-minute video covers the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the Oregon Student Aid Application (ORSAA), and how to search for additional free money to pay for college. Created by the Educational Credit Management Corporation (ECMC).



Regardless of the search platform you choose, the author of “A Comprehensive Review of the Leading Scholarship Search Services,” shares a conclusion about the search platforms they reviewed that can be generalized to many of the scholarship searches available to students. They say that, “not any one of them is able to give a complete and concise scholarship list and results lists differ widely. There are anomalies, mismatched data, and their systems are human-driven, which means there could be outdated and inaccurate information. The scholarship data itself is categorized completely differently from one to the other, and in almost all of them, it’s clear that advertisers figure prominently. Users may maximize the scholarship data and subscribe to more than one. A new email account specifically for use during college and scholarship searches would effectively keep spam and junk out of a personal email account.”


  • A full scholarship covers tuition and fees, often for more than one year, and may cover other college costs like housing and books. Although many of these scholarships are very competitive, Portland State University, Western Oregon University, and University of Oregon have programs open to all Pell-eligible Oregonians with a minimum GPA.


  • Assembled by Oregon Goes to College, a statewide initiative promoting college participation.


  • Program that allows Oregon high-school students to request reduced tuition at participating two- and four-year public college programs outside of Oregon.


  • For high-achieving, high-need juniors and seniors.


  • See which schools offer the most aid.


  • See which schools cover at least the cost of tuition without requiring an extra application.


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