Timeline for College Planning

Every YearFreshmen Year | Sophomore Year | Junior Year | Senior Year

Naviance Family Connection
Naviance is a wonderful resource, and you can learn more about it here. If you want to take a look at the site, you may use SEHS guest access. The guest password is “axemen”


Every Year

  • Maintain a four-year plan for high school classes.
  • Do your best in all class work; establish and maintain strong study habits and time management skills.
  • Participate in student/parent career planning opportunities.
  • Develop a reading plan that includes newspapers, magazines and books. By reading many different styles, you will get the best preparation for the SAT verbal section

Freshmen Year

  • Enjoy School! This is a place where you are developing as a student and a person
  • Use the library and Computer lab. Visit the Career Center.
  • Pursue extracurricular activities. Join or start a club.
  • Evaluate your college-financing plan.
  • In the spring, review your curriculum plan. Ensure that your scheduling requests for sophomore year meet your career/education goals.

Sophomore Year

  • Register for and take the PLAN test.
  • Attend annual fall college fairs and visits. Start to explore continuing education.
  • Think about your interests and how they relate to career options.
  • Take the SKILLS exercise (an assessment tool) in the Career Center with your social studies or IHS class. this is part of Sophomore Project.
  • Target major activities. Aim for leadership positions, if appropriate. Keep a record of awards and events.
  • Have a sophomore interview in the Spring in the Career Center or with a Counselor.
  • Plan your junior year carefully.
  • Attend South & Beyond night for Sophomores.
  • Take the Practice SAT given by the Career Center.
  • Take AP and/or SAT II tests in the same year as those classes.
  • Begin visiting colleges, gathering information. Pick up visit evaluation forms in the Career Center.
  • In early spring, plan interesting summer work, community service, travel & educational programs.

Junior Year

  • Complete your Junior Project in the Career Center.
  • Continue a limited number of extracurricular or community service involvements in which you might assume leadership roles.
  • Prepare for and take the PSAT/NMSQT in the fall.
  • Attend annual College Fairs in Eugene and Portland, and Career Center College Visits in the fall.
  • Attend South & Beyond programs, especially Junior Night.
  • Schedule your Junior interview with your counselor; plan your Senior year very carefully.
  • Investigate college costs, options for financial aid, scholarships. Use Career Center resources.
  • Start narrowing your college list based on preferences for program of study, career, size, location etc.
  • Write for college catalogues, view books, financial aid info, or check them out in the Career Center.
  • Continue College visits.
  • Take appropriate tests: SAT”s- I& II’s, ACT, AP, IB, in the spring.
  • Make plans for getting teacher recommendations.
  • Plan meaningful summer activities.
  • Pick up your Senior Planning Guide in the Spring.

Senior Year


  • Create a file with academic history, resume, activities, etc.
  • Get organized; develop a timeline with dates for tests, application deadlines, etc.
  • Sign up for your Senior Interview with your counselor.
  • Explore you post high school choices in the Career Center, using computers/CIS, college guidebooks, and catalogues.
  • Pick up counselors’ college recommendation packet from Melinda from the Counseling Center.
  • Ask teachers for letters of recommendation; provide them with personal information.
  • Take your school work seriously; it counts!
  • Take or retake college entrance exams: SAT and/or ACT. Register on-line or pick up registration booklet in the Career Center.
  • Attend college representative visits in the Career Center. Check the posted visit schedule (bulletin boards and website) often as it updated often.
  • Begin applications; watch Counseling Center deadlines.
  • Attend College Fairs at LCC and in Portland.
  • Attend Senior Night for information about Oregon University System. Meet representatives.
  • Check Scholarship postings on Career Center bulletin board and website, and do scholarship search on computers in the Career Center.
  • Register for PROFILE, if necessary. (Required by many independent schools)
  • Attend Financial Aid Night. (December each year)


  • File FAFSA anytime after January 1.
  • Finish applications; watch deadlines.
  • Mail semester grades.
  • Maintain academics.
  • Check and apply for scholarships


  • Register and or apply to two-year and technical colleges.
  • Expect to hear from colleges by the first week of April.
  • Maintain academics!
  • Check and apply for scholarships
  • Respond to colleges by May 1.
  • Notify Career Center of your choice of college and any scholarships received
  • Thank teachers, counselors, and others who helped with application process.
  • Arrange for final transcripts to be sent to your college