Attendance 2020-21


When students are absent, parents or guardians should email the attendance clerk at or call the SEHS Attendance line at 541-790-8008.

Requests to excuse absences must be received within 48 hours of return to school.

Attendance records are accessible to parents and guardians through ParentVUE. If you believe there is an error in attendance, please contact the teacher by email.

If you need to request excusal for a planned absence of more than 2 days, please complete the Planned Absence Form and return to

As we begin this year’s Comprehensive Distance Learning experience, it is important to note that attendance procedures are different than was the case in the Spring of the 2019 – 2020 school year. Namely, attendance will be taken in each of the day’s classes throughout the day. Attendance includes both participation in class activities and interaction with a teacher or with an educational assistant through teacher-designed and facilitated activities. Interaction can be evidenced by any of the following:

  • Participating in the day’s real-time video class;
  • Communication from the student to the teacher via chat, text message, communication app or email;
  • A phone call between the teacher or educational assistant and the student, or, for younger students, with the parent or guardian of the student;
  • Posting completed coursework to a learning management system or web-based platform or via email;
  • Turning in completed coursework on a given day.

Attendance will be taken for the days when a synchronous class is scheduled, and teachers will pay attention to both the synchronous class and student engagement during asynchronous learning time for those classes in order to take attendance for that day. (For example, teachers will look at attendance during Per. 1, 2, 3 synchronous classes and for students to engage in Per. 1, 2, 3 outside of regular class time). Note that teachers will submit attendance by 8:30am the following school day, and will be using the prior 24 hour period (8:30am-8:30am) to gauge student attendance.

On Advisory Days, students are responsible for attending Advisory and also for engaging in every class (Per. 1-5 and zero period if they have it) during Applied Learning. Students who do not engage in a given course on Advisory Day will be counted as absent on Wednesday for that course.

Students should make it a priority to be in class when scheduled and to stay engaged throughout the term.  Because we know that this is a particularly challenging year in Oregon for many people, if you are having difficulty attending regularly, please let us know how we can support you.  There is some flexibility in the schedule that is intended as a support in this challenging time.

When there is no evidence of student interaction during a 24-hour period surrounding a scheduled school day as described, students are reported as absent for the class that particular day. Phone calls notifying families of their student’s attendance will be made on Mondays for the previous week.

The following are typically accepted reasons for absences:

  • Student illness, health condition, mental or behavioral health, or medical appointment including but not limited to medical, counseling, dental, or optometry. Administrators may ask for documentation from a medical provider regarding an appointment, illness, or health condition.
  • Family emergency, including but not limited to a death or illness in the family
  • Court proceeding