4J Email & GoogleDrive Accounts

Accessing 4J Email & GoogleDrive Accounts after graduation

Graduating Seniors will lose their 4J email and GoogleDrive accounts by August 1st, and should follow the instructions on this page to archive and save any items they want to access in the future.

For GoogleDrive, follow these instructions to download and save items:http://www.4j.lane.edu/technology/ns/googletakeout/

ALTERNATIVELY – Share a document from your 4J account to your personal account, then log into your personal account and make a copy.  This copy will be owned by you in your personal account, and future changes will not sync between the two.


1) “Share” the doc from the 4J account to your personal account
2) Log out of 4J and into your personal account
3) Highlight the document and make a copy (PC: right-click, Mac: control-click)
         (Whichever account you’re in when you make the copy is the one that will own it.)
4)  Name of the document will change to Copy of… 

For important emails you should forward them to your personal accounts.

Anything on files1 can be copied to a thumb drive, uploaded to a personal Google Drive account, etc.

In addition, you should make sure that all future mail goes to your personal email account by logging into any accounts that use your 4J email and changing the email address.

This is especially true if you’ve used your 4J account for college or scholarship applications. You may also want to export your contact list.

Note: All other students have access to their 4J accounts (email, GoogleDrive, etc.) throughout the summer.

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