Announcements for September 15th

College & Career Center: Our Future is a student-led group with the goal of addressing climate change and climate justice in Oregon. The group’s directors are recruiting paid high-school interns to serve as regional leaders. Regional leaders would share information with their schools and work with other Oregon students to carry out projects related to climate action. For more information, look online at, see South’s e-newsletter from last week, or visit Lori Sauter in the career center, room 7.

College visit: Two college reps will visit the career center, room 7, today. Manhattan School of Music will visit at 12:30, and Portland State’s visit begins at 2:25. See you there!

BIPOC Students: Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Student Leaders will be meeting Friday in room 25 during lunch. This is open to any interested BIPOC students who want to take on a leadership role representing our BIPOC community. Bring your lunch and I will bring dessert.

Film Club: Interested in cinema and discussing movies with your friends? Join Film Club! Film Club is a great place for students who like watching movies and discussing the importance of them. Discussing is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended! We watch a wide variety of films ranging in genres, so don’t worry about watching the same thing every week! Film club is an open space for every student. Join us every Friday during lunch in room 307!

South Eugene Theater: This Saturday is the annual fall potluck for South Eugene Theater! Come join us in the auditorium at 2:00pm for games and information, parents are encouraged to attend if they want more info as well.

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