Announcements for June 15th

Science:  Are you taking IB physics II, AP biology, or AP chemistry next year? If so, please come to a meeting to receive info about the class and the summer assignments.  The meetings will be held at the beginning of lunch on Tuesday June 14 and on Wednesday June 15.  (Pick one day). The meeting should take less than 10 minutes.  Come to room 415 for Physics, 419 for bio, and 418 for chem.

Choir: Join our fun and excellent program! Dorians Jazz Choir is hosting auditions after school Tuesday and Thursday of this week. Information is posted near the choir room in the performing arts hallway. We sing high-energy jazz, funk, blues, latin, and bebop tunes. Sign up today!

Also, students, please make sure you clean out your lockers by the end of the week. 

And check the Lost and Found in the Main Hall one last time before items get donated to Bags of Love next week.

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