South News & Yearbook: November’s Call for Photo Submissions…

South News & Yearbook: November’s Call for Photo Submissions…

November’s Call for Photo Submissions

South Student News & Yearbook is accepting photo submissions for the month of November. Go to this link to add your contribution. We are looking for photos that include you and/or other current South students, but that also include elements of the topics we are covering:

  • COVID Cooking & Baking Projects Have you made a sourdough starter that turned into a beautiful (or not so beautiful) loaf of bread? Have you made your way through a complicated but delicious new recipe? We’d love a snapshot of you with your culinary triumphs! 
  • Those Amazing Pets Send in photos of you with your favorite animal pal/pals.
  • Halloween Happenings Did you don a costume for a Zoom horror movie night? Or were you able to devise a clever way to hand out candy to the younger neighbor kids? Send in snapshots of your Halloween adventures.
  • Fall Foliage Autumn’s fiery flora and rich sunlight are an awesome backdrop for hiking, hanging out and being active. Send pictures of yourself and/or South friends enjoying the fall weather and foliage! Feel free to submit for multiple topics!

Feel free to contribute to multiple categories!

Note: We will be using some of these submissions as soon as this Friday, but the submission form deadline will be open-ended for now.

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