Open House Nov. 10

Dear South Eugene Parents/Guardians,

On Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 6:00pm, South Eugene administration is holding a brief virtual Open House for South Eugene Parents/Guardians.  We’ll be sharing information about South, ways for parents to engage, and some resources and upcoming events.  Parents will also have an opportunity to ask questions.  We’ll continue at 7:00pm with additional information and supports for 9th Grade families.

You can access the webinar for either session (same link) on Tuesday at:

Following the webinar, we encourage families to take a ‘tour’ through their student’s Canvas courses and view the brief video each teacher has recorded there. The videos are available to anyone who is an Observer in Canvas whether or not you attend the Open House webinar.  If you need help accessing Canvas, please refer to the email titled “SEHS Canvas Access” or you can find Canvas resources on the SEHS website here:

Warm regards, 

SEHS Administration

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