Textbook and Instrument Distribution Oct. 5-8

Textbook and Instrument Distribution Oct. 5-8

Most South classes will be using digital resources this trimester, but some classes will also be using physical textbooks. For those students who need to pick up textbooks, instruments, or other course materials, South will be offering pickup times on the dates listed below. Your student should know whether they need to pick up any textbooks or other materials, but you can also review the list of classes that have asked students to pick up texts/materials in the attached PDF: SEHS Textbook & Materials List Tri 1

Schedule for textbook & instrument distribution on October 5-8 by east end of the Auditorium lobby:

Mon., Oct. 5th from 2-5 pm: 9th grade books
Last names A-G from 2-3pm
Last name H-O from 3-4pm
Last names P-Z from 4-5pm

Tues. Oct. 6th from 1-4 pm: 10th grade books
Last names A-G from 1-2pm
Last names H-O from 2-3pm
Last names P-Z from 3-4pm

Wed Oct. 7th from 12-3 pm: 11th grade books
Last names A-G from 12-1pm
Last names H-O from 1-2pm
Last names P-Z from 2-3pm

12th grade books from 3-6pm
Last names A-G from 3-4pm
Last names H-O from 4-5pm
Last names P-Z from 5-6pm

For families who are able to come in during the school day, we are also offering drop-in pickup times from 9am-11am on Monday-Friday (Oct. 5-9)

In order to observe safe physical distancing practices, we will follow these protocols:

  • Students and families should arrive in only ONE car if driving. Please plan to enter from Patterson St. and exit on 19th Ave.
  • Only one person should exit the vehicle to pick up items.
    Students, family members, and staff will maintain a 6 foot distance from other people at all times.
  • The person picking up the books must wear a face covering.
  • Staff will wear masks and gloves and post signs regarding social distancing. Staff will be on hand to help maintain 6’ distancing.

There will be 2-3 distribution tables located under the overhang at the east end of the Auditorium lobby. Tables will be sanitized, and gloves and face coverings will be used by staff. Chalk will be used to mark spacing in order to help students and parents maintain physical distancing. Staff will place the items for pickup on a table and then step back so that the person picking up the item can approach the table to retrieve the item. Students may also drop off any unreturned textbooks and materials that they have from last year.

Thank you for your help in showing up during your assigned time slot, and for your patience as we distribute textbooks and materials to our students.

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