2020 Yearbook Update

The very good news Is that South’s yearbook stayed mostly on track this year, survived the quarantine deadline challenges of third trimester, made it to production at the end of April, and is currently at the press.

The tougher news is that printing has moved from our region’s Northern California plant – closed for quarantine – to a plant in Tennessee. Printing at this location is backlogged as they absorb jobs from different regions, and as the printing process itself is slowed down significantly under new workplace social distancing rules. As a result of these production changes, we are unlikely to have books here by the last day of school.

The next-best case would be getting yearbooks here before the end of June and having a summer yearbook pickup that follows social distancing rules. This event will depend on district guidelines for building use after the last day of school. If we are unable to access the building over the summer, we may be looking at August for yearbook pickup. I will keep students and families posted as information becomes available.

We will have yearbooks for sale at distribution when it happens; priority sales on the first day will go to Class of 2020 seniors. Additional details will be available when we have more information about our distribution dates. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Bobbie Willis

Eugenean Yearbook Adviser