2020 Senior Yearbook Photos & Text: Due Wednesday, 11/27

Senior yearbook materials are due Wednesday, Nov. 27 

South seniors have the option to submit personalized text in the form of quotations and interests/activities to run with their photos in the yearbook. Seniors also have the option to submit a yearbook portrait different from their school pictures, as long as the photo follows these 2020 Senior Photo Specifications. 

If your student ID does not fit the requirements for appropriate attire – mainly the category of senior ID photos that include props, zany hair, costume elements – and if you don’t submit a replacement photo by the Nov. 27 deadline, we will do our best to work with you by our Dec. 20 final deadline to run an approved portrait. After that point, we will use your junior year photo, if it is available, or we will have to move you to the “Not Pictured” list at the end of the senior section.

Again, senior yearbook materials are due Wednesday, Nov. 27 – right before Thanksgiving. We will evaluate all photos and text, finalizing approved materials by Friday, Dec. 20, right before Winter Break. We want to avoid the crush of problem files we encountered last year, and allow time for communication and corrections. Please help us to keep yearbook production on track by meeting this deadline.