Yearbook Distribution Delay

Dear South students and families,

Our student-produced Eugenean yearbook will be late this year, with distribution planned for late July.

For the Class of 2019, this is your second late yearbook, and on behalf of the Eugenean staff and myself as adviser, I am sorry for the disappointment students may feel.  If you are unable to make it to the July distribution day, we will have a pickup schedule posted for summer by June 10, and yearbook staff will plan to mail any unclaimed books to this year’s seniors come September.

While the timeline is disappointing, we are excited about presenting our best effort at capturing 2018-19 in pictures and quotes. The year was full of new faces and programs at South, exciting victories and successes, the occasional uphill battle, and – of course – the small, daily connections and realizations that make up the South Eugene high school experience. We can’t wait to share the book with you, but we are grateful for the time to complete the work well.

For more information on why yearbook production is delayed this year, please see this link.

And for next year, yearbook staff is determined to reinforce several specific systems that will keep production more consistently on track than we have been able to keep it since 2013 and the move to trimesters. The first step will be to prioritize what our student readers really want to see in the yearbook. To give your input, please see our reader survey here.

Distribution details and options will be posted to the school website by June 10. I will keep distribution information updated after that if anything changes. Thank you for your patience.


Bobbie Willis, adviser