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Senior Project at SEHS

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Senior Project – Class of 2018

Welcome! This is an online spot for getting information about the Senior Project, a career-related graduation requirement for  all Classic (not IHS) SEHS students who are not meeting the requirement through a CAM/CTE Project.

Basically, the Senior Project involves:

  1. Using pages in “Packet #1” to identify a career of personal interest, a placement where you can experience the career, and a mentor who is willing to help you while you are there.
  2. Bringing the completed Packet #1 to Mary Taylor, the Senior Project Advisor, and getting her approval, as well as Packet #2, which contains the pages and forms needed to complete the project (such as a Log of Hours for you to note when you worked and what you did, with your mentor’s signature on each session).
  3. Completing 15-20 hours of work experience at your placement and getting an evaluation from your mentor.
  4. Having Senior Seminar on your school schedule so that you are properly awarded credit (.25) and a grade (and cleared for graduation).
  5. Meeting with Mary Taylor (in lieu of class meetings for Senior Seminar) to complete the work of Senior Project/Seminar, which is to produce a formal portfolio (specs listed in Packet #2) and 15-minute presentation (in front of a community-member panel).

That’s it! For any questions please email:

Mary Taylor
Senior Project Advisor

*Having trouble finding a placement/mentor?

  • Here is a google sheet with mentors who have indicated willingness to mentor additional SEHS students for their Senior Project
    • Notes:
      • You can use the Find feature of the browser to search for specific fields of interest.
      • Notice if it’s been years since they said yes; try to use more current entries.
  • More help re: finding a mentor
    • Use (online yellow pages) to find entries linked with the career you have in mind. You will be able to see where the people/businesses are in relation to SEHS and/or your home. 
    • Visit the websites of potential placements. Show that you already know something about them, and desire to do your project there because you are interested in them, particularly.
    • Use the Background Research you did, on that career/type of business, to further show your interest and openness to the experience.
    • Don’t be afraid to mention that Senior Project is a graduation requirement, so that you can explore a CAREER in which you feel keenly interested!
    • Do not be surprised if you have to follow-up quite a bit, or try many options, before someone agrees to mentor you. It’s part of the process.
    • Students that persist in getting to spend time in a setting that seems super interesting get more out of the project/time are happier than those that gave up and did their hours in a less interesting situation, just to get the hours/project done.