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Senior Experience at SEHS (NEW)

Senior Experience – Class of 2019

Well Hello! This is an online place for getting information about the Senior Experience, a way to meet the personalized learning graduation requirement for SEHS Classic (not IHS) students who are not meeting the requirement through a CAM or CTE Project.  This is an adapted version of the former Senior Project.

The process to start your Personalized Learning Graduation Requirement:

Attend a Junior Meeting where you’ll hear about your personalized learning options, get a 2019 Junior Planning Calendar  and pick up a CTE Agreement Form or Senior Experience Agreement Form.  If you miss the Junior Meeting you can also pick up an agreement form in the College and Career Center or download it here:

Senior Experience Agreement Form or  Career Technical Education (CTE) Project Agreement Form .

If you’re planning to do an IOP CAM you’ll need to talk to Jeff Hess or Pete Hoffmeister for their IOP form.  You also need to follow the agreement form directions and go to your Naviance Account and complete the Personalized Learning Plan survey.  This is very important because this is how we’ll know if you’re planning to do a Senior Experience or CTE project next year.

Our next and final Junior Meeting will be in the library on Wednesday, May 2nd at 3:15.

At the Junior Meeting you will see the Junior Classic Slideshow  and watch the Senior Experience Video which explains what will be expected for the Senior Experience.

Here is the Senior Experience Expectations handout which gives a brief about the steps needed to complete a Senior Experience.  If you are planning to complete a CTE Project or CAM next year, don’t worry about this.

*Having trouble finding someone to shadow or volunteer opportunity?

Elevate Lane County organizes opportunities like technology tours and internships.

To get started follow these step: