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Principal’s Perspectives

Hello Everyone.  I hope the recent spat of inclement weather has not caused too much disruption or inconvenience in your lives. I can say with confidence that weather like this does disrupt the school schedule and we can’t thank you enough for your patience and flexibility as we try to adjust the schedules to make the most of the time we have in school.  We try very hard to ensure timely and accurate communication about changes in the schedule due to inclement weather but know such changes result in hectic mornings or entire days for families. 

In just a few days we will adjorn for the winter break.  I hope the coming weeks include meaningful times of reflection and celebration with family and friends no matter the cause for a gathering.  For some, this will be a much anticipated time to relax, explore interests and regroup before the new year begins.  For others however this is a very stressful time where awareness of what they and their children do not have becomes more acute.  It is easy to look around and identify families whose situation is more fortunate than our own.  Tragically, it is much easier to look around and see families whose situation is much more dire than ours and whose most basic needs are barely being met if at all.  It is those, amidst our celebration and holiday giving, whom I hope will be the recipients of this community’s generosity.  We recently received a call from a mother inquiring about our Axemen Angels program and how to make a contribution to help a child in need.  She stated that the year had not been the easiest on her and that all she could donate was $10 but wondered how she could help because others had less than her.  That is beautiful and that is why I am proud to be a part of this communtiy.  If you want to join her, and many many others, in support of needy families in the SEHS community please let us know by sending an email to Heather Stein ( or Trista Neuman (  There are lots of ways to be involved well beyond the holiday season as well so please do not think the opportunity has passed you by.  

As for other school related matters, I encourage all senior families to take some time over the break to ensure that progress on the senior project is on track.  The state of Oregon requires each student to complete career readiness and extended  application requirements in order to earn an Oregon diploma.  SEHS seniors do this by completing the senior project.  All seniors are scheduled to meet with Mary Taylor in zero period at some point during the first or second term of the year to get support on completing project requirements.  That said, many find it difficult to stay on track and have the false hope of completing the project during the third term.  This is a mistake as there are no zero period options for seniors during the third term and no options during the remainder of the day either.  Please take some time to discuss the senior project with your student as we would hate to see something so valuable to attainable go undone and jeopardize one’s ability to graduate on time.  

Last, but not least, let me say once again what a pleasure it is to work at a place like SEHS.  The students, faculty and families have very high expectations for the school and the experience each student has as a result of their time here.  I am committed to better and better service for all of our constituents regardless of what your experiences have been thus far.  Thank you for the chance to serve this community in this role.  

Happy New Year to All,

Andy Dey, Ed. D.


South Eugene High School