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Here, you can find the list of clubs for the school year, as well as dedicated websites.




Speech and Debate

Club Advisor:  Tom Lininger –

Student Representative:  Carson Schmittle –

Purpose: To compete in organized competitions with other schools in Oregon (through the OSAA) and in major competitions throughout the United States in Speech and Debate



Equestrian Team/OHSET

Club Advisor:  Emily Elias –

Student Representative:  Julia Glock –

Purpose: To train for events and compete against other schools at meets.



Club Advisor:

Student Representative:

Purpose: To play pétanque


South Eugene Alpine Ski Race Team

Club Advisor:  Jacques de St.Phalle –

Student Representative:

Purpose: Indoor practices at South Eugene High School during the winter season. Compete against other Oregon high schools on the slopes.


SE Nordic Ski Team

Club Advisor:  Charlie Wilshire –

Student Representative:

Purpose: Competes in Nordic ski races during the winter season against other high schools.


South Eugene Rowing Club

Club Advisor:  Spencer Kales –

Student Representative:  Miyako Iwata –

Coach:   Spencer Kales –


Purpose: To compete in rowing regattas against other schools. Club practices on the water at Dexter Lake and dry land training at SEHS after school.


South Ladies Ultimate Club

Club Advisor/Coach:Rachelle Depner

Student Representative:  Raina Kamrat –

Purpose: To play Ultimate Frisbee after school and against other schools.


South Men’s Ultimate Club

Club Advisor/Coach:  Keith Bucher –

Student Representative:  Michael Martin –

Prupose: To practice, play, and compete in Ultimate Frisbee including against other schools.



Animal Welfare Society

Club Advisor:   Sarah Hocken –

Student representative:  Sarah Coates –

Purpose: To support animals or animal related causes both locally and nationally via funds and volunteering.


Art Club

Club Advisor:   Peter Saraceno  –

Student Representative:  Julia Chou –

Purpose: Creating an art community at SEHS and promote art and drawing.


Asian Student Union

Club Advisor:  Atsuko Rawland –

Student Representative:  Tiffany Huang –

Purpose: To promote awareness and support for issues surrounding the Asian community.


Badminton Club

Club Advisor:  Ladislav Filip –

Student Representative:  Victor Raiskin –

Purpose: To encourage students to play badminton, learn the sport, and have fun playing badminton.


Black Student Union

Club Advisor:  Gregory Dunkin –

Student Representative:  Cateira McCoy –

Purpose: To create a safe place where conversations about race and identity can happen between all people with the focus of an African American culture.


Bike Club

Club Advisor:   Asher Tubman –

Student Representative:  Josefina Hajek  –

Purpose: Promote bike safety, educate members and others about routes and rules of biking.


Cultural Connections

Club Advisor:  Jessica Schabtach –

Student Representative:  Margaret Gleason –

Purpose: To better engage international exchange students in the SEHS community.


Digital Music Club

Club Advisor :   Mary Taylor –

Student Representative:  Julian Fortune –

Purpose: To learn the art of digital music production and connect with others who have similar interests.


Earth Guardians 350 South

Club Advisor:  Julia Harvey  –

Student Representative:  Corina Mac Williams –

Purpose: To take action in order to preserve a healthy climate for this generation and all future generations.


The Feminists Union

Club Advisor:  Lara Kincaid-Salgado –

Student Representative:  Maya Corral –

Purpose: To promote equality between the sexes, both at South Eugene HS and throughout the world and to promote women’s empowerment.


Figure of Speech

Club Advisor:  Barbara Siemens  –

Student Representative:  Hannah Shlesinger –

Purpose: To provide a place were young writers and activists can share their work with others.


Film for Change

Club Advisor:   Deon Saraceno –

Student Representative:   Madeline Blumm –

Purpose: To raise money for various causes through the use of film productions.


Girls in Science and Technology

Club Advisor:   Julia Harvey  –

Student Representative:  Tabia Schmidt –

Purpose: To promote and provide opportunities for girls interested in science, technology, engineering and math.


Graphic Design

Club Advisor:    Bobbie Willis –

Student Representative:   Dimitri Bong –

Purpose: To teach and strengthen graphic design skills in members, for real world applications and college.


Habitat for Humanity – SEHS Chapter

Club Advisor:   Deon Saraceno –

Student Representative:  Sophia Newman –

Purpose: Volunteering with Eugene/Springfield Habitat for Humanity.


Jewish Student Union

Club Advisor:  Shira Melul –

Club Representative:  Maggie Clark –

Purpose: To teach about Jewish culture and tradition in a fun and interactive environment.


Key Club

Club Advisor:     Ingrid Bodtker-

Club Representative: Jenna Douglas-

Purpose: An International Service and leadership club with charters throughout the US. The Key Club meets every Monday in room 408 during lunch.


Latino Student Union

Club Advisor:   Elton Villanueva –

Student Representative:

Purpose: To promote and educate the South Eugene community on Latino history and culture


Letters for Change

Club Advisor:    Suzie McLaughlin –

Student Representative:          Maya Corral –

Zoe Pringle:

Purpose: To break cultural barriers and create an environment where Students empower each other through letters, care packages and other media.


Life Club

Club Advisor:   Jacob Clark –

Student Representative:  Sam DeCosta  –

Purpose: Hang out, eat together, play games, read the bible, pray.


Look Me in the Eye Club

Club Advisor:   Niels Pasternak

Student Representative:  Sophia Newman –

Purpose: To promote awareness, equality, and communication skills for people with physical and developmental disabilities.



Club Advisor:   Jacob Clark –

Student Representative:  Rosemary Williams –

Purpose: To promote a healthy future through volunteering and fundraisers.


Math Club

Club Advisor:   Tamara Torrence –

Student Representative:  Jamie St Sauver –

Purpose: To help students prepare for the AMC 10 and 12 tests, and to bring together people who love math.


Model US Government

Club Advisor:  Barbara Siemens –

Student Representative:  Aviv Bernstein Livne –

Purpose: To Promote understanding of the operations of government and involvement in political affairs.


Mock Trial

Club Advisor:  Stan Paulic  –

Student Representative:  Noshin Rahman –

Purpose: To imitate a real life court case and compete in the Mock Trial competition in Oregon.


Native American Student Union

Club Advisor:  Elton Villanueva –

Student Representative:


Origami Club

Club Advisor:  Mindy Rimbey –

Student Representative:  Jeremiah Vandagrift –

Purpose: To teach students how to do orgami and show them Asian culture.


Peer Tutoring Club

Club Advisor: Jennifer Scott-

Student Representative: Jamie St.Sauver-

Purpose: To provide an organization that allow students of SEHS to get help for their classes in an appropriate way.

Meeting Times: Every Tuesday, Room 412 3:30-4:00 pm.


Red Cross Club

Club Advisor:   Deon Saraceno  –

Student Representative:  Victor Raiskin –

Purpose: To engage in Red Cross-related service opportunities while promoting and practicing the core values of the Red Cross.



Club Advisor:  Juli McGlinsky –

Student Representative:  Maya Corral –

Purpose: To provide peer education to students through various workshops/presentations on a variety of different health related subjects.


Restorative Justice Club

Club Advisor:   Stan Paulic  –

Student Representative:  Nathalie Marx  –

Purpose: To raise awareness in the SEHS and surrounding community about the importance of restorative justice.


Robotics Club

Club Advisor:   Asher Tubman  –

Student Representative:  Alissa Liu –

Purpose: To teach STEM related career skills and build a robot for competition.


Rotary Interact Club

Club Advisor:   Neils Pasternak –

Student Representative:  Sukriti Agarwal –

Purpose: To provide volunteer and leadership activities for students at SEHS, as well as opportunities to learn about how to better our community.


Spoken Word

Club Advisor:  Jenn Scott –

Student Representative: Hallie Ford  –

Purpose: Provide a platform for student voices and oral presentation of creative writing.


Ukulele Union

Club Advisor:  Laura Queirolo  –

Student Representative:   Connor Gabor  –

Purpose: To play ukulele in a group. Perform and practice as a band.


World Books

Club Advisor:   Mindy Rimbey –

Student Representative: Aviv Bernstein Livne –

Purpose: To increase global and cultural awareness through books.


Yearbook Club

Club Advisor:   Bobbie Willis  –

Student Representative:  Sydney Bailey –

Purpose: Offer students to be a part of the 16/17 yearbook team and have their work published.


Yoga Club

Club Advisor:   Nate Guadaghi –

Student Representative:   Connor Gabor –

Purpose: To provide free yoga sessions for the students and teachers of South.