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Naviance Family Connection

Naviance Family Connection

This online resource contains many functions and tools to support career and college exploration and planning. Naviance helps students and families connect what students do in the classroom to their life goals, including finding colleges and careers based on their personal skills and areas of interests. It is used school-wide by students of all grade levels, and by their counselors and teachers. Through self discovery and collaboration with parents, teachers and school counselors, Naviance enables students to find college and career pathways that are right for them.

South students use Naviance all four years to set goals, assess their strengths, explore career options based on their interests, research careers, search for colleges. As seniors they will manage their college application process, apply for scholarships, and track their admission status while their counselors keep records and submit school forms and recommendations for the students through Naviance.


  • Students receive an account and register during their freshman year, usually during “Freshman Projects” in the College/Career Center.
  • Parents can pick up their access code from the College/Career Center. This enables them to view their student’s activity as well as resources and links.
  • Guest access to view the site >> click here.Guest password:    axemen

roadtrip4naviancepgRoadtrip Nation Interview Archive features over 3,500 video interviews with individuals who have forged through challenges to accomplish unique goals. These leaders candidly discuss hardships, successes and the obstacles they overcame. Students gain exposure to career pathways they may not have known existed, and can actively begin thinking about colleges, majors, and career goals that reflect their unique talents and aspirations.

Career assessments help students discover multiple career options, and plan their career paths based on general areas of interest, and the level of education and training required to achieve their individual goals and objectives.

Course Planner helps students plan which courses they need to take to meet their college and career goals, and find the right courses to help bridge the gap between college eligibility and college readiness.

Résumé builder – All students create résumés as part of their planning.

College Research and planning tools make college research easy, matching colleges to a student’s career interests, or comparing admissions rates at a student’s top college choices, allowing students and families to compare colleges and universities, explore scholarship opportunities, and track their college applications. Naviance also has a mobile app which lets students do college research and plan college visits on the go.

    • College I am Thinking About – students keep lists of colleges they may be interested in
    • College Maps – allows you to see where SEHS students were accepted; where they are attending college
    • College Search – search on multiple criteria including location, student body, admissions selectivity, majors + more.
    • College Match – shows what colleges match a student’s colleges of interest
    • College Compare – allows you to compare any set of colleges
    • SEHS – College Scattergrams – graphs showing where students were accepted/denied based on GPA & test scores
    • SEHS – College acceptance history – shows application and acceptance history for South students for the last 5 yrs
    • SEHS – College Visit Schedule – track when college reps are visiting South to meet with interested students
    • Scholarship List – see scholarships recommended for South students, and search a wider online database for more

More features:

  • Read messages from your counselor
  • Access documents and forms from the SEHS Counseling Office
  • Use helpful web resource links
  • Set and track personal goals