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Career Center

Room 7 (west section of main hall)
Lori Sauter, Coordinator

Hours (when school is in session)

  • Monday:       8:15-3:30
  • Tuesday:       8:15-3:30
  • Wednesday: 8:15-4:30 (We’ll stay open between 3:30 and 4:30 for as long as there are students in the career center.)
  • Thursday:     8:15-3:30
  • Friday:          8:15-1:05

The Career Center is a resource center staffed by parent and community volunteers.  Our goal is to empower all South students to step into the future with confidence, knowing their own goals and having the education, training, and resources needed to achieve those goals. We love visits from students, parents, and staff.

Career Center Services and Resources:

  • College catalogs and view books
  • Admissions (SAT/ACT) and placement (AP/LCC) test preparation and registration materials
  • College and job/career visits by organization representatives
  • Computer lab with programs and websites for college selection, career exploration, financial-aid information, etc.
  • Post-high-school planning workshops
  • Study abroad/gap-year/travel options
  • NCAA athletic forms and information
  • Financial-aid/scholarship information and forms
  • Military opportunities
  • Reference books
  • Volunteer and work opportunities
  • Summer opportunities
  • Career-Related-Learning Projects at each grade level
  • Sophomore conferences
  • Assistance with college applications, essays, resumes, and interview practice