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Senior Project at SEHS

Posted on the door of Room 9 6.20.17:

Class of 2018 Senior Project doers

Did you miss the deadline?

Stressing out about how in the world you can do your Senior Project over the summer when you didn’t get Mary Taylor’s approval before school was out?


Mary will be checking her email (with the exception of a few disappearing acts; an auto-reply will let you know) throughout the summer months.

You can get approval for Packet #1 by emailing scans/photos of BOTH SIDES of the important (and fully/thoughtfully completed) pages:

  1. Project Brainstorming
  2. Background Research
  3. Senior Project Proposal (with Focus Question)
  4. Community Placement Agreement

Mary will review your materials and give approval (or advice toward getting approval) in an email reply, then contact the MAIN OFFICE to prepare your Packet #2, which you’ll need to pick up before you can start putting in hours at your placement.

Then, you can drop by SEHS and pick it up whenever the office is open:

9:00am – 12:00pm
1:00pm – 3:00pm
Closed Fridays!

Senior Project – Class of 2018

Thanks to those of you who came to the Rising Senior meeting and learned about Senior Project — and a bunch of other very important things! Here’s the slideshow, FYI.

Also, please check out 2018 Class Rising Seniors Planning Calendar which contains a lot of really important information for you!

Last but not least, if you’re not able to pick one up here at SEHS, here’s Packet #1.

If you’re choosing the Senior Project for your career-related learning graduation requirement, the main thing to know is that you should complete your 15-20 hour experience over the summer break! To do that:

  1. Pick up a Packet #1 (Career Center, Counseling Center, or Mary Taylor in Room 9).
  2. Fill it in completely (the mentor communication help sheet is optional; the rest is required) and get all needed signatures.
  3. Place it in Mary Taylor’s mailbox in the Main Office (near the door that leads out into the 200 hall).***
  4. Come to Room 9 a day or two later, to pick up your hopefully-approved Packet #1, and receive Packet #2 and all that you need to complete your Senior Project experience/hours.

That’s it! Oh, EXCEPT… what if you need/want help? I’m here! Drop by Room 9 anytime. If I’m available, I’ll help you right then and there. If the help you need is related to locating a mentor, please read the advice* I’ve posted below!

See you (and/or your Packet #1) soon!

Mary Taylor
Senior Project Advisor << please feel free to email me any time!!

***DUE DATES have been established as follows (missing this will result in contact by/from Andy Dey, SEHS Principal):

  • Monday, June 12, 2017 — Last names starting with A-D
  • Tuesday, June 13, 2017 — Last names starting with E-I
  • Wednesday, June 14, 2017 — Last names starting with J-McK.
  • Thursday, June 15, 2017 — Last names starting with McV.-Sat.
  • Friday, June 16, 2017 — Last names starting with Sau.-Z.

You may still put your P1 in my mailbox, or bring it to Room 9 before or after school, during lunch, or during periods 2 or 5.

*Having trouble finding a placement/mentor?

  • Here is a google sheet with mentors who have indicated willingness to mentor additional SEHS students for their Senior Project
    • Notes:
      • You can use the Find feature of the browser to search for specific fields of interest.
      • Notice if it’s been years since they said yes; try to use more current entries.
  • More help re: finding a mentor
    • Use (online yellow pages) to find entries linked with the career you have in mind. You will be able to see where the people/businesses are in relation to SEHS and/or your home. 
    • Visit the websites of potential placements. Show that you already know something about them, and desire to do your project there because you are interested in them, particularly.
    • Use the Background Research you did, on that career/type of business, to further show your interest and openness to the experience.
    • Don’t be afraid to mention that Senior Project is a graduation requirement, so that you can explore a CAREER in which you feel keenly interested!
    • Do not be surprised if you have to follow-up quite a bit, or try many options, before someone agrees to mentor you. It’s part of the process.
    • Students that persist in getting to spend time in a setting that seems super interesting get more out of the project/time are happier than those that gave up and did their hours in a less interesting situation, just to get the hours/project done.