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Senior Project at SEHS

Senior Project – Class of 2017

Hi there! It’s me, Mary Taylor, your Senior Project Adviser. I am using this page to post any and everything that could be useful to you as you complete your Senior Project.

If you are new to Senior Seminar, here are four things that I need for you to do. They’re all graded.

  1. Complete a survey which helps me track your personal progress.
  2. Watch the video in which I explain everything you need to know.
  3. Take a quiz on the information in the video (fine to do this while watching). 
    1. Follow the link above and click the yellow arrow that saws “Sign Up”. Use your full first and last name so I know it’s you when I look at results. Sorry about having to register; there wasn’t any other way!
    2. After signing in, click Search (upper right, yellow) type in SEHS Senior Seminar and click the Register button.
    3. Click Classes (upper right, aqua), then 1 Untaken Quizzes and then Take (upper right), then Start Quiz (twice)
    4. At the end, click Submit and then Finish to see your score, and review anything you got wrong!
  4. Bring me your signed Senior Seminar syllabus.

Curious to know if you’re done, and what grade you got? Here is a google sheet with grades for the Class of 2017!

Having trouble finding a placement/mentor?

  • Here is a google sheet with mentors who have indicated willingness to mentor additional SEHS students for their Senior Project
    • Notes:
      • You can use the Find feature of the browser to search for specific fields of interest.
      • Notice if it’s been years since they said yes; try to use more current entries.
  • More help re: finding a mentor
    • Use (online yellow pages) to find entries linked with the career you have in mind. You will be able to see where the people/businesses are in relation to SEHS and/or your home. 
    • Visit the websites of potential placements. Show that you already know something about them, and desire to do your project there because you are interested in them, particularly.
    • Use the Background Research you did, on that career/type of business, to further show your interest and openness to the experience.
    • Don’t be afraid to mention that Senior Project is a graduation requirement, so that you can explore a CAREER in which you feel keenly interested!
    • Do not be surprised if you have to follow-up quite a bit, or try many options, before someone agrees to mentor you. It’s part of the process.
    • Students that persist in getting to spend time in a setting that seems super interesting get more out of the project/time are happier than those that gave up and did their hours in a less interesting situation, just to get the hours/project done.

Text of email sent 11.30.16 via Naviance: SENIOR PROJECT/SEMINAR FAQ’s

Hi there!
If you’re getting this, it is because you are on my class list for Senior Seminar, starting next week (or your student is on the list). It seems to be a good time for me to address some FAQs.

  • Q. Where does Senior Seminar meet?
    • A. Room 9 (aka the Computer Center, across from the Main Office)
  • Q. I’m not ready to do my Senior Project (haven’t done hours, am too busy, etc.)… can’t I take it next term?
    • A. Nope. Senior Seminar does not exist T3. (That is when Ms. Taylor needs to be working with Rising Seniors, to get them on board for doing their hours over the summer.)
  • Q. What time does Senior Seminar meet?
    • A. 7:55 a.m – 8:35 a.m.
  • Q. That’s insanely early! Isn’t there an alternative works better for me?
    • A. Nope. (Sorry! I’ve sure tried!)
  • Q. What days do I have to come?
    • A. Just one day a week, according to the first letter of your last name:
      • Mondays: A-D
      • Tuesdays: E-L
      • Thursdays: M-R
      • Fridays: S-Z
  • Q. Wait a minute. My friends said that they had to come to Senior Seminar TWO mornings a week. Why do I get only one?
    • A. Yes, it has always been two mornings a week, with a class size of 60-80 students; 30-40 each. This term there are 122 students who need to take the class, and I only have 40 workstations in my classroom, so… you can do the math.
  • Q. Is Senior Seminar like other classes; will it be on my transcript, with a grade, and credit?
    • A. Yes! (.25)
  • Q. Does attendance count?
    • A. Yup.
  • Q. If I miss class, will there be a call home, as for other missed classes?
    • A. Yes, but the auto-dialer doesn’t have a way of separating the various zero period classes, so it will report that you missed something weird, like 7th period.
  • Q. What if I have music during that time (zero period)?
    • A. I know who you are. You’re to meet with me every Wednesday during IA time (3:05-3:35pm)
  • Q. What if I haven’t done my hours yet?
    • A. You need to come anyway. Every time.
  • Q. If I haven’t started my Senior Project yet, what should I do?
    • A. Come to Seminar and get Packet #1.
  • Q. What is Packet #1?
    • A. There are two packets to guide you through the process. Packet #1 contains paperwork that must be completed and signed before I can approve your project. When that is done, I give you Packet #2, which contains the forms you use as you complete your hours, as well as the forms and guidance that you’ll need to create the formal PORTFOLIO and PRESENTATION that describe the experience that you had.
  • Q. If I already know where I am going to do my hours, do I have to complete the Brainstorming, Background Research, and Project Planning forms in Packet #1?
    • A. Yes, please. I will not approve the project without being able see what you’ve written on these pages, because it matters and is an important part of the process.
  • Q. Can I start my hours before Packet #1 is approved?
    • A. NO!! Please do not try to do that! It’s important that we do this correctly. There are insurance/legal documents that need to be in place before you are out working in the community.
  • Q. What happens if I don’t do a Senior Project?
    • A. It’s a state requirement that we include a series of career-related exploratory experiences for you while you are in high school, without which we cannot grant your high school diploma. The Senior Project is the culmination of those experiences, and Senior Seminar is where the work is finished and verified. In short, you will not be able to graduate without doing it (unless, of course, you are fulfilling the requirement by doing a CAM, or are enrolled in IHS).
  • Q. What if I’m having trouble finding a mentor?
    • A. Keep trying! Talk to anyone who can help. See the notes on finding a mentor at the top of this page.
  • Q. What if I have other questions, or want help/support before my scheduled Senior Seminar meeting time?
    • A. I am ALWAYS available via email: This works better than dropping by (though you can try) because I am a teacher with many other students, and need to give my attention to my students during their scheduled time with me.
  • Q. What if I’m excited about this and want to get a head start?
    • A. I will need everyone to complete the introductory survey linked here. (Please do not do this if you have not yet found a placement.)

Phew. I think that covers the questions I usually get. If you think of others, always feel free to email me!! Otherwise, see you in Senior Seminar next week!!

Looking forward to it!

Mary Taylor
Senior Project Advisor
South Eugene High School, Room 9