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Mission Statement

South Eugene High School Vision Statement

The vision of South Eugene High School is to be a caring and supportive community of life-long learners.

South Eugene High School Mission Statement

This community pledges to be an active participant with students as they grow and develop both as individuals and learners in an increasingly complex world.

South Eugene High School Will:

  • Provide a safe learning environment
  • Provide students with a choice of teachers and curriculum
  • Provide a variety of assessment techniques to better evaluate students’ work
  • Relate areas of learning to each other and to practical applications in life
  • Help students to develop their individual talents to their fullest potential
  • Help students develop an awareness and appreciation of our multicultural world
  • Help students develop good decision-making skills
  • Teach students to access, analyze and use information from worldwide sources
  • Invite the community to share the responsibility for educating their children.