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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What information does South need?
A. Please be sure we have your current address and phone numbers (home and work). Call the registrar at 541-790-8015 to report changes. Students cannot make these changes.

Q. Can I get a message to my student?
A. The student body at South is very large so please limit your messages to emergencies. We cannot deliver flowers etc. Thanks for your help.

Q. Are there second parent mailings?
A. SEHS can provide duplicate copies to co-custodial or non-custodial parents. Please fill out the form available in the main office, or send the student’s name, grade, your name and address to the school to receive mailings.

Q. What if we move out of the area?
A. If you are moving away and intend to leave SEHS, you need to contact our registrar to help with the process of withdrawing your student.  If you are leaving the SEHS attendance area but will still be in Eugene and wish to continue at SEHS, please see your child’s counselor or the registrar for information.

Q. Who can visit SEHS?
A. We welcome visitors as long as the visit does not disrupt classes. Students wanting to bring visitors during the school day are restricted to out-of-town visitors only. They also must have prior permission from the administration and the teachers involved. Visitors are limited to no more than a half-day visit, either morning or afternoon. Please check with the main office secretary for information if you are not a student and plan to come to campus. They have the guidelines for family visitors. All visitors must report immediately to the main office.

Q. What about confidentiality?
A. If you want your student’s name and information withheld from the yearbook, etc., please notify the registrar. Identification is required to obtain your child?s schedule, report card, etc.