Class schedule for Tuesday, April 28


Class schedules for April 20-24


Smarter Balanced Testing Room Assignments


Smarter Balanced Testing Information


Smarter Balanced is the primary way for students to meet the Essential Skills Oregon Diploma graduation requirement.  Students MUST show competence in reading, writing and math to graduate. If a student does not show the required level of competence through Smarter Balanced testing or another standardized test such as SAT or ACT, they will be required to take work sample classes their senior year.  This is not preferred, as these work sample classes will take up a period in a student’s schedule. Work sample classes take staffing that could be used to reduce class sizes in other classes.

All 11th grade students will participate in Smarter Balanced testing.  11th grade students will take the English Language Arts test during the week of April 20-24. They will take the Math test during the week of May 18-22.

During the junior testing time teachers may offer study sessions or instructional access time for 9th, 10th, and 12th grade students.  Students should check with their teachers about their availability.

We will have altered schedules for these two weeks.  Please see above for the testing and class schedule for April 20-24.  The testing and class schedules for the week of May 18-22 will be similar to the one below and we will announce the exact times in late April.

The Breakfast schedule is unchanged:  8:10 – 10:00 AM

2015 AP Test Info

SEHS Senior Graduation Timeline

New Attendance Policy

From our principal, Stephanie Cannon:

SEHS and the other 4j District schools are initiating new attendance policies. It is important that parents are aware of and understand these new guidelines and the potential penalties for unexcused absences. Instructional time is critical to students’ academic progress so it is important that they maintain good attendance in each of their classes.

We know there are legitimate reasons to miss class on occasion. Parents and guardians must call or email the SEHS attendance office to excuse your student for those absences. A key change in our policy is that the call or email must occur within two school days of the absence. If we don’t receive that information within two days, your student’s absence will be recorded as unexcused.

The administrators and counselors are regularly monitoring all students’ attendance. Once a student has three unexcused period absences within a month’s time, a notice is sent home and possibly a consequence issued. Eight unexcused period absences within a month’s time will result in a ‘live’ phone call home, and very likely a meeting with the student, their parent/guardian, and an administrator. A school consequence may occur, and additionally, the student may be in danger of truancy.

If we determine a student are truant (unexcused for 8 half days or four full days) we will file a truancy report with the district and a truancy officer will go to the student’s home. Parents/guardians could receive a truancy citation of $160.00.

Finally, teachers may award only partial credit for work in their classes if a student has five or more unexcused absences during a trimester.

These policies are not only necessary steps for complying with the legal requirements related to non-attendance; they help our school identify students who need additional support to attend class. We know that good attendance is a vital component of the students’ educational achievement, and our goal is to support all of our students’ progress in school.