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Main Office– 541-790-8000/8001 

* Due to the high volume of requests on a day to day base for messages, it is SEHS policy NOT to deliver messages.  Please prepare and construct a communication plan with your student/s for any messages you might need them to receive during their school day.

Attendance – Kim Ferguson – 541-790-8008 

*Please call our attendance line to excuse your student/s absents.  No notes accepted. 

Registrar– Elsa Andrew(  – 541-790-8015

*New Enrollments, Change of Demographics (ie: phone, address), Transcripts/Transcript Request, & Records Request

Counseling Office 541-790-8013

Counselors according to your students last name:

A-G  Julie McGlinsky

H-N  John O’Donohue

O-Z   Shantel Buss

Athletic Dept. – Dave Hancock  –  541-790-8019

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Pertussis Case Information

Here is a letter with information, from our School Nurse, Joy Maxwell:

Eugene School District 4J
Health Services
Date: 09/24/2015

Dear Parent(s),

A case of Pertussis (Whooping cough) has been identified at South Eugene High School. This is a contagious infection of the respiratory tract caused by the bacteria Bordetella Pertussis. Pertussis can be serious, especially for infants, pregnant women in their third trimester and inadequately immunized children under the age of 7.

Whooping cough gets its name from the whooping sound a person makes when trying to draw a breath after a coughing spell, however, not all infected persons make a whooping sound. The Pertussis infection is spread when the infected person’s airborne respiratory secretions are inhaled by others and from secretions that settle on surfaces after the infected person has sneezed or coughed. Symptoms generally include those of a cold, such as a runny nose and then a persistent cough that gradually worsens. Violent coughing spells can frequently end with vomiting.

The vaccines given in infancy offer protection for the most vulnerable years and usually provide protection for an additional 5-10 years after the last immunization given at around the age of kindergarten entry. The acellular pertussis vaccine, given since 1991, has significantly reduced the vaccine reactions. A combined booster shot of tetanus and pertussis is now available and highly recommended. A single dose of Tdap is recommended for adolescents 11 years of age or one Td booster for older adolescents and adults age 19 through 64.

Anyone developing a persistent cough (more than 7 days), should stay/be kept home and their health care provider contacted. If access to medical care is difficult, please consider calling your local ‘My School’s Health Center’ located at

  • North Eugene Health Center – 541-790-4445 on Tuesdays & Fridays
  • Churchill Health Center – 541-790-5227 on Monday & Thursday

For further information about Pertussis you may call:

  • Your physician
  • Your regional school nurse, through the school office
  • Lane County Public Health Services (541) 682-4041
  • Web site CDC ( and click on ‘diseases and conditions’ – Pertussis

4j school nurse/ rev. 09/24/15



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Senior Seminar Students!!
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We meet like this:

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No meeting on Wednesdays.
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